Welcome!  We are so glad that you decided to visit us online today!  As you browse our site, we hope you will see that we are a local church committed to Jesus Christ, His purposes, and His glory.

We are people who have come from all kinds of religious, cultural, educational, and occupational backgrounds. We’re just ordinary people who have come to know Christ, and want to make Him known.  But, our relationship to Christ is not stagnant.  We have a desire to grow in our relationship to Christ, and continually conform to His will and purposes.

A common strategy of many local churches is to advertise their services so as to “attract” more people to their local programs. Unlike many organizations, we’re not simply trying to get people to support our work... “join our club”…keep our efforts going. We like to think of being Christ-centered and focused on the needs of people, rather than being program-centered. While we are we are grateful for what God is doing and is going to do in our local church, our purpose is to serve, not be served.

Whenever the people of Windhaven Church gather, you’ll find a casual, yet worshipful, friendly atmosphere. You’ll find smiling faces, warm welcomes and real friendship.  While we are not the only local church seeking to carry out God’s purposes, we believe we’re a unique setting in which God is doing His great work through imperfect, yet forgiven people. We are God’s work in progress… and we are excited about the future.

We invite you to connect with us as we seek to be all that God intends for us to be.  You will find that our doors and our hearts are open to you.  We look forward to meeting you!


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